Shuttle Service for Winter Break 2023


The Shuttle Route

We are offering a shuttle to MSP (the Minnespolis/St. Paul Airport) with a small stop in Rochester, MN.

The Christmas Break Shuttle to MSP will leave Luther College at 7:00am on Friday December 15, with a returning shuttle from MSP (also with a stop in Rochester, MN) to campus Tuesday January 2 at 5:00pm.

Friday, December 15, 2023–Departure

6:30am– Loading in front of  Dahl Centennial Union

7:00am–Depart Dahl Centennial Union

8:30am - Stop in Rochester, MN

10:00am–Arrive Minneapolis airport, Terminal 1

Tuesday, January 2, 2024–Return

5:00pm–Depart Minneapolis Airport

6:30pm - Stop in Rochester, MN

8:00pm–Arrive to Dahl Centennial Union, Luther Campus

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